About MFJ

My name is Chris and I am founding creator of MFJ. I am no doubt like yourself - a football shirt fanatic with a slight obsession with football. Never blessed to play the beautiful game as a professional. Instead I have been searching other ways to interact with the sport we oh-so-love. 

I have blended my obsession with football and my love for football kits, and put together a mystery box of fun! Knowing there is a growing community of shirt buffs, I hope this will add a little more excitement and be worthy add to your collection.

Since our launch in the summer of 2019 MFJ has reached milestones that I never thought possible. In January 2020 we featured in the worlds biggest selling football magazine FourFourTwo. We then went viral in October 2020 with one of our boxes being reviewed on TikTok which reached 1.5million views and from there things have exploded. We then launched our very own subscription box which connected us with more private sellers and creative artists out there. The subscription is currently under review.

Christmas saw us go from 50 boxes being made in December 2019 to over 1000+ and 703 Christmas wraps. The mystery box market has gone from 3 companies to now 50+ - some really good and some not so good. This means the aim for 2021 is improve the product going in the box and improve the operation to stay open for longer so everyone can enjoy this product.

I don't wish for this to turn into a full time job or to make me a millionaire. I am a fan just like you looking to have a little fun and give something back to the game that gives me great joy. A lot of hard work goes into these boxes and I hope this shows if you are lucky to one.

I hope you purchase your mystery box to see what all the fuss is about.

Thank you for reading and supporting MFJ.